Where Did My Menu Go?


When I first got my MacBook Pro, the first thing that confused me was the location of the menu.  In windows, since Windows 95 a long time ago, pretty much every application puts it’s menu on the top of the frame the program runs in.  That is while you are running the program, you get to your menu by looking at the top of the frame the program is running in.  Below is a screen shot of what I mean by that with arrows pointing to those menus (in Windows 8, which happens to be running in VMWare’s Fusion on my MacBook Pro).




On the Mac (OSX 11.7 Lion), there is only one menu bar and it is at the top of which ever screen you want it to be (it does not move unless you go into preferences / display / Arrangement and from there you can drag and drop the little white sliver to which ever screen you would like it on (see screen shot below).  In my case, I have my 27” thunderbolt monitor, my second HDMI 24” monitor running off the displayport converted, then the laptop monitor.  Since I sit in front of the Thunderbolt monitor, that is the one that I put my menu on.




So, in other words, below is a screen shot showing my Mac screen. Because the program Microsoft Word is in focus, that menu is showing and the other menu’s are hidden. You can see that from the screen shot that follows.





Personally, I like the Windows model better. Even though it takes more space on the screen, I find it annoying that I have to move my mouse all the way to the top of my screen when I want to do something on the menu.  That is, I could be far away in an app (even on a distant monitor) and then have to send my mouse on what feels like a long journey to get the menu.

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