Tale of Woe Trying to get New Windows 8 RC working with VMWare Fusion

Hot off the presses, the new windows 8 RC has arrived and I immediately want to move to it (the early adopter that I am).

Problems Problems Problems

First, I would like to acknowledge that it does basically work. I loaded successfully SqlServer 2008 R2, new new Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Quickbooks 2010 and a bunch of other software with no issues (Snagit does not work yet sadly so it’s snippit again).

Where it failed me was in multi-monitor support.  The previous Windows 8 consumer preview worked great with multiple monitors.  I’ve got two displayport monitors running off the Thunderbolt port and previously (with the February release of Windows 8 consumer) when I ran windows in Vmware Fusion 4.1.2 I would get two screens of windows.  Now, I only get one.  Previously, I could swipe left and right and switch between two screens of MAC and two screens of OSX.  Now, swipe does not do anything.

Hopefully a solution will come, but for me, it’s back to the February release.

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