4K Monitor Asus PB287 Fail with Macbook Retina

Sadly, I’ll be returning the new Asus PB287 monitor I just bought ($675).  It looks wonderful but unfortunately (confirmed by apple support) will not work with another external non-apple display port monitor.

As soon as I plug it in to one of my thunderbolt ports on the Macbook Retina (late 2013 model with 2 thunderbolt ports),  my other external monitor shuts off.  Apple says that if I had a real thunderbolt monitor from apple, I would be able to drive this one in addition to that but sadly I do not so back it goes.


2014-06-18 09.26.44 2014-06-18 09.27.14

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  1. MacWinGuy Says:

    Update: I ended up keeping this monitor and running off my HDMI port at 4K with no issues.

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