VMWare Fusion Woes and Repairs

April 27th, 2013 No Comments »

I’ve been using VMWare Fusion and OS X 10.8.3 for a while now.  I’ve got the big Retina (768GB SSD, 16GB Ram, 2.6Ghz).  Still, with two cores set to windows 8 pro, I get hanging when I try and go back and forth between the VM (full screen, two monitors) and OS X.

I’ve had a VMWare support call going for about 2 weeks now. They have looked at my logs, tried a bunch of stuff but nothing helps. It still gets these 5 to 10 second pauses about 10 times a day at least (I usually stay on the windows side but I still get pauses sometimes there).

I recently took my Retina to a mac store to have them run diag’s. Who knows, maybe it was broken.  They ran there in store diags and discovered the camera was broken but no errors on anything else.

They suggested I part with my Retina for 3 to 7 days and they would send it to the repair center (free of course) and the repair center would replace the broken camera as well as run better diags on the components.

So, I bought a new Retina on Craigs List (2.8GHz, 500GB, 16GBRam) so I could keep my work life going (can’t be without a main computer and I do everything on my Retina).  One nice thing is that I could test whether my WinClone bootcamp partition backup was really working (yes it does).

Four days later, I get it back from Apple.  They replaced the screen, all the memory and the motherboard.

Still though, same problem with VMWare Fusion hanging.

At least my camera works now (and time to sell the 1 week old faster Retina, but I have to say I could not tell a difference in the speed.  I certainly did miss the hard disk size though).

VMWare Fusion Shortcut for Getting out of Full Screen Mode

March 18th, 2013 No Comments »

I recently upgraded my retina to OS X 10/8.3 and Fusion 5.0.3.  Though lots of issues installing bootcamp and windows 8, I did pick up a very handy short cut. 


Toggles between full screen mode and single screen mode.  The reason I need it is because the normal vmware fusion menu is gone from my vmware session in full screen mode.

More details here



The other reason I need it is because snagit does not work with screen captures when in dual screen mode. Now, it’s easy to pop back and forth between dual screen mode and single window mode, do my snagit (as above), then go back again.

Upgrade My Macbook Retina to OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 and VMWare Fusion 5.0.3 (1040386)

March 15th, 2013 No Comments »


I’ve been having tons of issues with hanging and crashing with m Retina using VMWare Fusion.  I just read that Apple released 10.8.3 today and decided to call vmware and ask about it and if they had a fix that would work with it.

THEY SAID YES! and they said it was safe.

So, I upgraded everything this morning (after backing up).  Everything upgraded flawlessly.  So far, no crash or hang.

I understand this supports windows 8 with bootcamp.  Will try that later.

Keeping my fingers crossed

VMware Fusion 5.0.2, Office 2013 and Strange Flashes and Artifacts

February 25th, 2013 3 Comments »

I’m a happy VMware Fusion user except for sometimes.  As I said in my previous post.


There is a nasty bug that happens if you apply the latest OSX patches for my Macbook Retina.  The way to avoid the problem is to turn Graphics Acceleration off inside of VMware setup.  Turns out, after upgrading to the latest Microsoft Office 2013, there is another bug which causes the screen to make funny flashes while you are working.  I contacted VMware and they logged into my system and added the following two magic parameters to my vmx file for my windows 8 VM.  It seems to have solved the problem.

vmgl.GL_ARB_map_buffer_range = "FALSE"
vmgl.GL_APPLE_flush_buffer_range = "FALSE"

* the vmx file is located where you launch your vm from.  on my system, it is

/Users/macwinguy/Documents/Virtual Machines/win8rtm/Windows8x64R.vmwarevm

Tale of Woe Trying to get New Windows 8 RC working with VMWare Fusion

June 2nd, 2012 No Comments »

Hot off the presses, the new windows 8 RC has arrived and I immediately want to move to it (the early adopter that I am).

Problems Problems Problems

First, I would like to acknowledge that it does basically work. I loaded successfully SqlServer 2008 R2, new new Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Quickbooks 2010 and a bunch of other software with no issues (Snagit does not work yet sadly so it’s snippit again).

Where it failed me was in multi-monitor support.  The previous Windows 8 consumer preview worked great with multiple monitors.  I’ve got two displayport monitors running off the Thunderbolt port and previously (with the February release of Windows 8 consumer) when I ran windows in Vmware Fusion 4.1.2 I would get two screens of windows.  Now, I only get one.  Previously, I could swipe left and right and switch between two screens of MAC and two screens of OSX.  Now, swipe does not do anything.

Hopefully a solution will come, but for me, it’s back to the February release.